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Eleanor Roosevelt - an essay by Phillip Bonosky

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Phillip Bonosky on Saturday, March 2, in Brooklyn, N.Y. Please click here to view his obituary.

Phillip BonoskyHis books are hard to find in bookstores.   Dismissed by the big business publishers as a writer associated with the school of "proletarian realism" , his two major novels until recently were out of print.

He still doesn't write about "the end of ideology" or the "god that failed".   Almost all his work today, as for the past 60 years, portrays the steel town in Western Pennsylvania where he was born, grew up and was blacklisted for his labor organizing in the fifties.

Yet his books, which have been distributed widely in the socialist countries in the l950s and l960s, are being rediscovered by a new generation of activists and cultural workers in North America.

There is increasing interest in the worker culture of the thirties and forties.   You see this in the movies, in academic treatises, in the rock songs.   You see it in the artists, who are often the first to register cultural changes.   You also see it among the new generation of labor activists who are working hard to make the labor movement a social movement, as it was in the thirties.

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